Webmail Link

For TFD staff with mail accounts, to the left we have added a link to the webmail portal. For username enter your full email address (I use a + instead of the @ but I don't know that it is needed still) and of course your email password for your password.

Forum Revamp

FYI the forum url has changed. Please see the link at the left. We have combined all the TFD forums in to one and updated the phpbb version.

Is That a Banana in Your Pocket...

...Or are you just happy that the first episode of the Space Monkey Mafia is finally out? Check out the official Space Monkey Maifa site to watch it now!

Lots of action going on!

Check out P&Q's site for some killer alphabets and wonderful textures for AC! Cruise over to Tales of the Lunchbox and get a glimpse of "Space Monkey Mafia! Or get your fill of Animal Droppings at Keitarou's site

4 more days...

...until the unveiling of the newest Animal Droppings comic! Be there for the grand opening of a new season of Animal Droppings!

P&Q's Re-Opens

Pixie & Qwill's Texture Emporium has moved in to it's new home here at TFD.

Where are the Droppings?

The Animal Droppings comics will resume in a short while, once Keitarou's well rested after terrible midterms and wonderful Zelda. ^_^

Shopping Spree

Tales from the Lunchbox has a new flash animation up and also some sweet cafe press items for sale.

Ides of March

Check out the sites page for listings. Main forums are up. Come on in!

The Dawn of a New Era

TinfoilDreams.com goes online. Be sure to watch for for upcoming content and sites in the TinfoilDreams.com universe!